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Des Moines Iowa is THE PLACE to invest in right now, as it is the growing home of industries that attract hard-working and reliable population. It draws workers for its high-tech industry (Microsoft, Facebook and more), as well as Amazon. The high education institutions in town bring many students and the many hospitals and medical research centers attract health workers. It is an "un-revealed gem" - in which housing can still be found for cheap and and be turned around, and for many areas in the city, this will be the starting point for gentrification, making your investment highly profitable and attractive. 


LEGACY 515 LLC has successfully built a portfolio of cash flow positive properties within neighborhoods targeted for revitalization. Through strategies of fix and flip, buy and hold, seller financed notes, and contract for deeds, we have shaped and secured a portfolio designed to deliver multiple streams of income and exit strategies. Our team of pro-active property managers, is highly skilled and devoted to keep our properties functioning flawlessly. With a track record of generating dependable cash flow and impressive, risk-adjusted returns while preserving investor capital, we know how to maximize opportunities presented by local dynamics and the momentum of tertiary markets. 

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In times of rising inflation and financial uncertainty, real-estate is the best way to secure capital. These investments are solid, stable and generate impressive cash flow. While crime rates and cost of living are on the up-tic along the coasts, the mid west is attracting coastal population who's aspiring to upgrade their living conditions. All these makes investments in the housing market the right investment at the right time. We invite you to join us and take a slice of the profitable Des Moines real-estate cake!

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Whether you are looking to invest or to sell your property, we at LEGACY 515 are here for you.

We guarantee putting in the hard work to get you high returns!* 

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*Naturally, any investment carries risk and may result in loss

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